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A tour of my workflow

My main workflow consists of multiple browser tabs, kitty and a tmux session along with neovim. All of them are customised to my liking ofcourse(although kitty is just pretty in default)

For browser, I primarily use Chrome(don't ask me why. Its just that all my accounts get instant login there.) I use the vimium extension and Adblock extension Both of them work out of the box with no configuration required.


"Useful for adding annoying `;` in C/Cpp files
"Just <Space>; in Normal mode to add `;` to end of line
let mapleader = " "
nnoremap <leader>; mz$a;<Esc>`z

Neovim1 Neovim1


set -g status-style fg=white,bg=black
set -g status-right "#[bg=default] #[fg=black]#[bg=yellow]  #[fg=white]#[bg=color0] %a %d %b #[fg=yellow]%R "
set -g status-left "#[fg=yellow]#[bg=color0] #(echo Session:)#{session_name}"
set -g status-justify centre
set -g window-status-current-format "#[fg=black]#[bg=brightred] #I #[bg=color0]#[fg=brightgreen] #W "
set -g window-status-format "#[fg=black]#[bg=yellow] #I #[bg=color0]#[fg=white] #W "


# Fuzzy find man-pages with sexy colors and preview
fman() {
    man -k . | fzf --exact -q "$1" --prompt='man> '  --preview $'echo {} | tr -d \'()\' | awk \'{printf "%s ", $2} {print $1}\' | xargs -r man | col -bx | bat -l man -p --color always' \
        | tr -d '()' | awk '{printf "%s ", $2} {print $1}' | xargs -r man
export MANPAGER="sh -c 'col -bx | bat -l man -p --paging always'"

# Fuzzy find files with preview and open in your editor
	loc=$(fzf --exact --header="Open File with ${EDITOR}" --preview="bat --color=always {}" --prompt="$EDITOR > " --bind K:preview-page-up,J:preview-page-down) && ${EDITOR:-vim} $loc

# Fuzzy find directories with tree preview and cd into it.
fcd() {
	local dir
	dir="$(fd --type d --no-ignore --no-hidden | fzf --exact --preview="exa --tree {}" --prompt="cd > " --bind tab:preview-page-up,btab:preview-page-down -0)" && cd "${dir}" || return 1

# Credits: https://github.com/umgbhalla/dotstow/blob/main/base/zsh/.config/zsh/funcs.zsh#L574
# Install/Remove AUR packages with info-preview
yi() {
  SELECTED_PKGS="$(yay -Slq | fzf --exact --header='Install packages' -m --height 100% --preview 'yay -Si {1}')"
  if [ -n "$SELECTED_PKGS" ]; then
    yay -S $(echo $SELECTED_PKGS)
yr() {
  SELECTED_PKGS="$(yay -Qsq | fzf --exact --header='Remove packages' -m --height 100% --preview 'yay -Si {1}')"
  if [ -n "$SELECTED_PKGS" ]; then
    yay -Rns $(echo $SELECTED_PKGS)


Sometimes manpages are just too vast if you just want an overview of the command.

Try cheat.sh.You can add this to your shellrc :

function cheat {
  curl "https://cheat.sh/$1"

This is how it looks in the end: